Chicken Coops

Whether you live in the city or the country, you can now have fresh eggs in your own back yard!

Access to the nesting boxes from outside the coop at an easy to reach height! Wire mesh is over the windows & vents to keep predators from getting into the coop!

We offer 3 Styles of Coops. The Quaker, Barn and the A-Coop/Run.

Overholt & Sons, Inc.

All Coops Include:

  • 2 Windows
  • Chicken Ramp & Door
  • Nesting Boxes
  • Inside Roosting Bars

Options Include:

  • Tilt-out vent $75
  • Metal Roof $75
  • Automatic Chicken Door $289

Wire Runs:

Are available in the Triangle Style or the Roof-Over Style

Animal Barn

Do you need a shelter for your horse, goat, sheep, or other livestock? Our horse barns are designed and built to accommodate your animals. They are built to provide shade during the summer and warmth during the winter. Besides protecting your animals they are also built to be protected from your animals. Each stall is lined with kickboards for a long lasting animal barn.

These barns also serve a very practical purpose. Upon request we add a tack room. This gives you a nice place to store your feed and other animal supplies. It also keeps your equipment and supplies clean and dry and keeps your animals from getting into things they should not get into. Really you get what you would with a big barn except on a smaller scale.

Overholt & Sons, Inc.

Standard Features:

  • Run-in Size is the overall dimensions
  • Tack room size can be mix-matched
  • Stalls are lined with kickboards
  • Includes insulated metal roof with 2ft overhang in the front
  • All open run-in more than 16’ will have post in front center


  • 5’ high wood plank stall dividers for $250
  • 2’x2’ Wooden hinged window - $100
  • Wood plank gates 4’=$175 6’= $25
  • Choice of paint colors and roof colors
Overholt & Sons, Inc.