Chicken Coops We Offer Three Styles to Choose From

Whether you live in the city or the country, you can now have fresh eggs in your own back yard!

Overholt & Sons, Inc.

Quaker Coop

Overholt & Sons, Inc.

Barn Coop

A-Coop Run

easy access to nests

Access to the Nesting Boxes:

From outside the coop at an easy to reach height! Wire mesh is over the windows & vents to keep predators out!

Wire Runs:

Are available in the Triangle Style or the Roof-Over Style

chickens in the triangle run

Triangle Run

Quaker Chicken Coop with Roof-Over-Run

Quaker Coop w/Roof-Over Run

All Coops Include:

  • 2 Windows
  • Chicken Ramp & Door
  • Nesting Boxes
  • Inside Roosting Bars

Options Include:

  • Tilt-out vent $150
  • Metal Roof $200
  • Automatic Chicken Door $360
  • Wire around bottom of coop unless purchased with run - $100