We Offer a Variety Of Portable Buildings

We build our storage buildings/sheds to fit YOUR needs! Store your lawn mower & lawn equipment or make it into a home office, greenhouse, your man-cave or she-shed!! It’s up to YOU! All of our storage buildings, shed and storage barns come with standard and optional features to make it YOUR OWN!

We Offer a Variety of Portable Buildings!

After years of developing, we offer SIX styles of storage buildings/sheds. We offer the wooden Barn Shed,
Quaker Garden Shed, and the Deluxe Barn Storage Shed. We have added the A-Roof wooden shed and the
Lancaster wooden shed. And to top it off, we have added the Two-Story Deluxe Shed. Our goal is to
Provide options to fulfill your outdoor storage needs

Storage Buildings/Shed Styles

Style A-Roof

6’6” Side Walls
Approximate Overall Height 10’
Sizes 8 x 8 to 14 x 40
This is a very popular style when trying to match the roof lines of your house. We can match your style & needs with the many options offered.

Style Barn

4’ Side Walls
Approximate Overall Height 9’
Sizes 8 x 8 to 12 x 16
This is the Storage Building/Shed for those of you looking for function. Our basic storage barn offers plenty of space for all that lawn equipment along with your mower & lawn chairs.

Style Quaker

6’6” Side Walls
Approximate Overall Height 10’
Sizes 8 x 8 to 14 x 40
This building has also been referred to as the cottage because of it’s unique asymmetrical roof line. This building has many uses, like a play house, office, she shed, pool house and many others!

Style Deluxe Barn

6’3” Side Walls
Approximate Overall Height 11’
Sizes 10 x 10 to 14 x 40
The Deluxe Barn offers the most space for overhead storage because of the roof line. Don’t let this building fool you. It can be dressed up or down to fit YOUR style.

Style Lancaster

6’6” Side Walls
Approximate Overall Height 11’
Sizes from 8 x 8 to 14 x 40
The Lancaster has everything the A-Roof has plus a steeper roof pitch and soffit in overhangs, providing more appeal that just a storage shed. Plus, it has the added space for overhead storage! The uses for this building are endless!

2 Story Deluxe Barn

Our Two-Store Shed can be a dual-purpose shed. Not only do they have lots of room, but the layout opens the opportunity to have two separate storage sections. Let your imagination go! How about a garage on the lower floor and an office on the second floor or just storage? Or turn the entire building into living quarters. Maybe storage and a place for the teens to hang out. The possibilities are endless!

Lots Of Options!

The choice is YOURS, but the pleasure is OURS. Let us build you the building that suits your needs and your style. We can deliver your building and set it up or we can build it on your site.

Price List for Options
Building Colors

We invite you to stop by and see our huge selection of storage buildings/sheds at our Goodlettsville Lot!

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